Hahaha…cyberspace may not be big enough for this kind of genius!

But we’ll see about that.  I am writing this page with my boyfriend MC. We live in Houston, where it felt like an armpit today. You can expect me to post well-thought out political opinions, my favorite artists’ work and ramblings about what it is like to live on brink of what the rest of your life is going to be like. I feel like this cliff has been going on for awhile now.

Tonight we’re watching Mars Attacks! on TV and Loki (our puppy!!) is sleeping on my leg. This is sort of what I imagine heaven is like, except we’d be swinging on a hammock spun of cashmere and cottoncandy, eating peppermint gelato instead of sitting on a dirty, floral-print loveseat.  One day, I will torch this couch. Below is a picture of Loki. He not only is this freakin’ cute, but he can also…crap…actually, looking cute is about all he does.  



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