Read this book!

Paul Wellstone’s “Conscience of a Liberal” has been a really inspiring read.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is becoming peakish by the early primary coverage. It has restored my faith in Americans’ ability to elect decent leaders, and for senators to overcome the enormous amount of money-pressure in DC and pass legislation that benefits everyone. 

On that note, Obama and Hillary have joined Edwards in the rank of the Democratic presidential hopefuls to chat about their plans for a national healthcare policy.  NPR had a blip about their thoughts today; I hope that there will be more coverage with more details as election progresses. It will be a shame if our media assumes that Americans are too distracted by glitzy-news and sports to pay attention to the details of these healthcare policies that could make enoromous improvements on the well-being of our wallets and bodies. 



this is not a photo

not a photo

with a stunning combination of x-acto knife, colored pencils, and, most importantly, air brush, this artist re-created a photo to near perfection in approximately 70 hours.

unfortunately, this was just a side project and this artist’s main focus is… wait for it… aircrafts.

i could go on a rant about the nature of art vs. the nature of craft… but instead i will just give this artist props on pulling off one hell of a piece.

i will say that i would love to see the result of this artist losing his mind for a little while…

check out the full story about this piece at the artist’s site here


50 ways to annoy your co-workers


50 ways to annoy your co-workers:

1. Leave a stack of old applications and a note saying, “Install these”
2. Staple your reports in the wrong corner
3. Put tape over the mouse optics
4. Talk to sick employees while wearing a dust mask
5. Turn up the beep volume of the copier
6. Practice beat boxing
7. Misplace peoples pens
8. Insert a 3.5″ disk before they turn on their computer
9. Glue their mouse to the desk
10. Turn up the contrast on their monitor
11. Use goofy event sounds for your programs
12. Send flowers from one co-worker to another
13. Start your car remotely when someone walk by it
14. Leave your lunch garbage in other people’s cans
15. Put salt on someone’s mouse pad
16. Set a password on someone’s screensaver
17. Smirk when a co-worker walks by
18. Eat half of someone’s lunch
19. Swap co-worker’s chairs
20. Stare deeply into your co-workers eyes when they talk to you
21. Take all the ice out of the community freezer
22. Flip the left and right mouse button defaults
23. Take out the ball in the mouse
24. Tell a long story without a point
25. Tell a co-worker you liked their hair better last week
26. Anonymously send flowers to a random co-worker
27. Bring Cheetos for food days
28. Use too many paper clips
29. Whisper loudly
30. Stand over someone while they are on the phone
31. Sneak up behind someone
32. Mess with the thermostat
33. Give everyone a pistol wink when they walk by
34. Gradually turn down the volume on someone’s phone
35. Juggle office supplies
36. Write all your memos on bright colored paper
37. Hide whiteboard erasers
38. Read your emails aloud
39. Type loudly
40. Wear bright colored clothes
41. Give everyone a nickname from a TV show
42. Do the sneaky walk around the office
43. Peer over the cube and wait for a co-worker to look up and notice
44. Use the intercom and page yourself
45. Hide the sugar and creamer
46. Type emails in uppercase and excessive punctuation
47. Refer to your garbage can as your in-box
48. Stick pencils to the ceiling in other people’s offices
49. Imitate regular sounds like a disc drive opening, door slamming or a mouse click
50. Talk to your monitor as if it was a person

this is an edited version of 50 of my favorites from another list

my dog is too cute.

I was thinking about writing something about politics, art or religion, but then I saw my little fat-man jump up next to his food bag, which is about the same size as him when he’s on his hind legs, and couldn’t concentrate on anything else but his incredible adorableness.  This morning he met this baby bird that my friend rescued, and it was quite demonstrative of his fierce animal instinct.  He sniffed the tree where baby bird sat yesterday; he sniffed the box where baby bird sleeps; he sniffed the porch where baby bird hops–all while my buddy and I were poking baby bird in his nose, attempting to introduce him.  But Loki would have none of this new friend until he figured out what this fuzzy thing was.  After a few more minutes of vigourous sniffing, Loki got this look in his eyes, like, “A-ha!” He then turned towards Baby Bird, opens his little mouth and clumsily pounces, as Baby Bird flutters away.  While the bird sits on the stump, and chatters angrily at us, Loki sits and begs, like, “oh, come on!  I really really really think you’d be tasty!  Just fall into my mouth, okay?  Please? Please???” Lord knows what he would eat in the wild. Even if science diet grew on trees, I don’t think he would figure out how to chew it if it weren’t properly placed in his bowl.