Absinthe. Legal. Soon.

lucid eyes

alright, so apparently this chemist/absinthe-specialist studied the original absinthe bottles from back when it was all the rage in europe and discovered that absinthe from that era had pretty low amounts of “thujone” which is the only ingredient that makes it illegal to sell in the U.S.

So, now, this guy was hired to create a new and legal absinthe that is even more authentic than the stuff they are currently selling in europe. They’ll start selling it in New York and then move to major cities around the country.

I’m excited. If you have no idea what absinthe is, it’s basically like alcohol but more relaxed and mellow and interesting. It was used and cherished by some of the greatest artists of all time. Just read the wikipedia entry.

Check out the NY Times article on it here

or check out the official site here


One thought on “Absinthe. Legal. Soon.

  1. Hi

    It seems that Lucid absinthe has no thujone, but nobody really knows! Thujone is anything up to 35mg/l in the European absinthes. To say that pre ban absinthe contained low thujone levels is open to debate – nobody knows. Nobody, apart from the manufacturers, also know what the thujone levels in Lucid are, or why this product has got the green light from the FDA. It is probable that Lucid has no thujone, but plenty of an ingredient called “hype” :-)

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