my dog is too cute.

I was thinking about writing something about politics, art or religion, but then I saw my little fat-man jump up next to his food bag, which is about the same size as him when he’s on his hind legs, and couldn’t concentrate on anything else but his incredible adorableness.  This morning he met this baby bird that my friend rescued, and it was quite demonstrative of his fierce animal instinct.  He sniffed the tree where baby bird sat yesterday; he sniffed the box where baby bird sleeps; he sniffed the porch where baby bird hops–all while my buddy and I were poking baby bird in his nose, attempting to introduce him.  But Loki would have none of this new friend until he figured out what this fuzzy thing was.  After a few more minutes of vigourous sniffing, Loki got this look in his eyes, like, “A-ha!” He then turned towards Baby Bird, opens his little mouth and clumsily pounces, as Baby Bird flutters away.  While the bird sits on the stump, and chatters angrily at us, Loki sits and begs, like, “oh, come on!  I really really really think you’d be tasty!  Just fall into my mouth, okay?  Please? Please???” Lord knows what he would eat in the wild. Even if science diet grew on trees, I don’t think he would figure out how to chew it if it weren’t properly placed in his bowl. 


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