Hahahahahahaha…Ann Coulter.

Seriously funny shit. I highly recommend also looking up the interview she did with Matt Lauer on YouTube. Bitch is crazy. She used to kinda bother me until I realized that watching her try to explain her paranoia is almost as satisfying as a summer blockbuster in July–just good old fashioned self-indulgent fluff. Pass the popcorn and enjoy.


watch this chinese painting come ALIVE!

i love it when computers are used to make something beautiful even more beautiful. i especially love it when the effects of the computer are completely hidden except for the fact that things like this couldn’t exist anywhere else but in your mind.

check out this video:

via: virtual-china.org

translation, please!

This page has a very interesting take on the woman-to-english translation business. Here are some highlights so you understand what i mean:

She says – English
We need – I want
It’s your decision – The correct decision should be obvious by now
Do what you want – You’ll pay for this later
You’re…so manly – You need a shave and you sweat a lot.
I’m not emotional! And I’m not overreacting! – I have PMS.
I heard a noise – I noticed you were almost asleep.

In answer to the question “What’s wrong?”

The same old thing. Nothing.
Nothing. – Everything.
Everything. – My PMS is acting up.
Nothing, really. – It’s just that you’re such a jerk.
I don’t want to talk about it. – Go away, I’m still building up evidence against you.

click here to see the full glossary of terms

…of course my wonderful lynn would never say anything except exactly what she meant. she’s perfect. 

50 Years Ago…On the Road

Today is the 50th anniversary of the publication of Jack Kerouac’s most famous work, ‘On the Road.’ Of the many, many things I have wondered about this slice of American history, is how Kerouac, and his other 0ff-beat friends, would have functioned in a world of myspace, IM and blogs. Their blend of diary, fiction and societal agnst is evident in surprisingly well-composed blurbs “about myself” and on social networking blogs. Blogs give us the privallge of spontaneous publication in a completley uncensored forum; what would “On the Road” have looked like if it had been ferociouly typed on a monitor without an eager editor’s red pen dangling above potentially ‘obscene’ material? Would Kerouac’s masterpiece slipped quietly into the quilt of other twenty-somethings’ rants about work, identity and relationships, or was there something inherently more wonderful about his book than our questions? Would he have written it at all if he had been afforded the opportunity to post his entries daily, in a drunken stupor right before bed? Or would it have turned into just another surprisingly well-written blurb about just another child growing up?    

sketches of the war in afghanistan


this guy is an art journalist in afghanistan, and he’s very talented at capturing the moment with wonderful detail in his sketches. some of these are simple, some are beautiful, some are a little haunting. his posts are fairly current and all the sketches come with a healthy side of commentary from the artist himself.

highly recommended.

click here to check it out