school sucks balls: an intellectual essay.

as someone who went through both public and private schools in multiple cities, countries, and continents, including quite a few years of the best schools the american public school system has to offer, i can tell you from personal experience that the entire structure of american education has pretty much gone to shit (not that it was ever all that great of an idea in the first place).

this is a nice essay i came across that represents my feelings on the subject fairly accurately.

here are some highlights:

“…as long as [our country’s children] are learning meaningful, useful, and interesting worthwhile things, there should be no point in forcing them to fail in subjects that have no purpose or meaning for them. […] there is an “opportunity cost” in trying to teach [things] to people [who are] not likely to learn them and not interested in learning them at the time. Those students’ time could be much better spent [being taught] things they appreciate…”

“Schools ought to be places that nurture individual and social strengths, not places that, at great expense, forcibly try to inculcate and remediate what students cannot learn and what teachers in some cases cannot teach. In an ideal world, teaching would inspire students to want to learn as much as they can all their lives, and give them the foundation to do that. “

…and don’t think for a second that our way is the only feasible way anyone has come up with. there are lots of civilized countries around the world, and some have far superior educational systems. there are plenty of great educational philosophies and alternative schools that work wonders.. why don’t we make one of the ways that work the standard?

to read the full essay, click here.


3 thoughts on “school sucks balls: an intellectual essay.

  1. this is fantastic. whats the point of learning prehistoric english when we are never going to use it. what am i going to say, “oh i know the whole Shakespeare’s play”? there is no point in that. now math and science is important and so is history and somewhat a foreign language but why do we have to take an elective that we know that we arent going to use?

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