baby orangutans helping baby tigers

awww.. now if that’s not the cutest thing this side of albuquerque, well then i don’t know what is.


“A pair of Sumatran tiger cubs and a set of young orang-utans, all abandoned at birth, have become inseparable after sharing a room at an Indonesian zoo.” …and… “The four have lived side-by-side for a month without a single act of hostility,” said zookeeper Sri Suwarni.

click here for more info and pics


5 thoughts on “baby orangutans helping baby tigers

  1. omg they are sooo cute especily the 1 were d monkey is feedin the tiger they are just waw i could look ot them all day

  2. Omg, these are so cute………….they are the cuteiest things oever ……..i once feed a baby tiger a bottle at a fair

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