amazing hyper-realistic sculptures by duane hanson


i bet you’re saying to yourself, “who is that sad man in that picture?”

well, you’re wrong!

duane hanson is a ‘hyper-realist’ sculptor… actually you could say he’s THE ‘hyper-realist’ sculptor, but either way, he’s good, as demonstrated in this picture of one of his sculptures entitled “man on mower.” check out the full picture of it here.

for some reason most of the pictures of his works on the web look like they were taken of a 1970’s sears catalog, but luckily i was able to find at least one decent image. his attention to detail is amazing, and i really admire his focus. he does extremely life-like and intricate sculptures of people that many of us would immediately look away from or just ignore. it works on a voyeuristic level, but it also encourages us to look deeper into the things we take for granted, as these pictures are only really interesting once we realize that they were created by a man and not the universe.

this one is my favorite:

check out this little gallery and mini-biography on him.


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