awesome, long stephen colbert interview


if you’re like me, you can’t wait for stephen colbert to announce his candidacy for lord and savior of both the known and unknown universe.

well he hasn’t done it here, but this interview is thoroughly entertaining.

the interviewer (npr’s terry gross) is one of the best interviewers ever (imho), and even she reveals herself to be a giddy fan of the illustrious mr.colbert. perhaps that’s why he granted an interview where he appeared out of character and answered questions about his family and catholic beliefs? at any rate, i love it.

click here to listen.


amazing new touch-interface technology [video]

every time i see a video of this guy, he’s got an even cooler thing to show off.

this is video of Perceptive Pixel‘s display at TED 2007.

ladies and gentlemen, jeff han: