Invention: Low-cost, highly efficient solar cells – mostly plastic – Low-cost, more efficient solar cells mostly plastic.


futurama’s back!


after being canceled by the [late] fox executives, the show is returning with this awesome new epic movie (which will be later chopped into 4 episodes and aired on comedy central, kicking off an entirely new season on their new network).

After the show got a green light, Cohen assembled the geekiest writing staff television had ever seen: one MA in math, one MA in computer science, one MA in philosophy, one PhD in chemistry, one PhD in applied math, and some normals to balance things out. “I went from Home Improvement, where people earnestly pitched jokes about farting and table saws, to a place where there were discussions about nanophysics and string theory and quantum mechanics,” writer Eric Horsted says. “I could only follow the conversation for a few minutes before my brain would start sweating and I’d have to reach for a copy of People.”

check out this awesome 4-page article and interview with the creators and writers of futurama, matt groening and david x. cohen.

dennis kucinich sounds pretty cool.. [video]

apparently this guy has values AND he’s running for president…

this is getting ridiculous, what do we have now, like three decent presidential candidates?

…pretty soon we’re gonna have a working democracy and i’m actually gonna have to feel guilty about not voting.

free download – bryce professional 3d rendering software

bryce bike

apparently DAZ Productions ( is so confident in their new version of Bryce (6.0). They’ve decided to give out the previous version (5.5) for free at! the motorcycle pictured above was made completely in bryce 5.5, just to give you an idea of what this program is capable of.

i remember playing with bryce 2.0 back in the day and it was way more than i had time to master even back then. is this a turning point in the world of complex and powerful software? will more companies begin to release previous versions of their professional software for free?

stay tuned.

to download the mac or pc version (or both!), click here.

picture above found at:

Update: learning edition of bryce 7.0 is full featured:;1

Absinthe. Legal. Soon.

lucid eyes

alright, so apparently this chemist/absinthe-specialist studied the original absinthe bottles from back when it was all the rage in europe and discovered that absinthe from that era had pretty low amounts of “thujone” which is the only ingredient that makes it illegal to sell in the U.S.

So, now, this guy was hired to create a new and legal absinthe that is even more authentic than the stuff they are currently selling in europe. They’ll start selling it in New York and then move to major cities around the country.

I’m excited. If you have no idea what absinthe is, it’s basically like alcohol but more relaxed and mellow and interesting. It was used and cherished by some of the greatest artists of all time. Just read the wikipedia entry.

Check out the NY Times article on it here

or check out the official site here