Hahahahahahaha…Ann Coulter.

Seriously funny shit. I highly recommend also looking up the interview she did with Matt Lauer on YouTube. Bitch is crazy. She used to kinda bother me until I realized that watching her try to explain her paranoia is almost as satisfying as a summer blockbuster in July–just good old fashioned self-indulgent fluff. Pass the popcorn and enjoy.


50 Years Ago…On the Road

Today is the 50th anniversary of the publication of Jack Kerouac’s most famous work, ‘On the Road.’ Of the many, many things I have wondered about this slice of American history, is how Kerouac, and his other 0ff-beat friends, would have functioned in a world of myspace, IM and blogs. Their blend of diary, fiction and societal agnst is evident in surprisingly well-composed blurbs “about myself” and on social networking blogs. Blogs give us the privallge of spontaneous publication in a completley uncensored forum; what would “On the Road” have looked like if it had been ferociouly typed on a monitor without an eager editor’s red pen dangling above potentially ‘obscene’ material? Would Kerouac’s masterpiece slipped quietly into the quilt of other twenty-somethings’ rants about work, identity and relationships, or was there something inherently more wonderful about his book than our questions? Would he have written it at all if he had been afforded the opportunity to post his entries daily, in a drunken stupor right before bed? Or would it have turned into just another surprisingly well-written blurb about just another child growing up?    

Read this book!

Paul Wellstone’s “Conscience of a Liberal” has been a really inspiring read.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is becoming peakish by the early primary coverage. It has restored my faith in Americans’ ability to elect decent leaders, and for senators to overcome the enormous amount of money-pressure in DC and pass legislation that benefits everyone. 

On that note, Obama and Hillary have joined Edwards in the rank of the Democratic presidential hopefuls to chat about their plans for a national healthcare policy.  NPR had a blip about their thoughts today; I hope that there will be more coverage with more details as election progresses. It will be a shame if our media assumes that Americans are too distracted by glitzy-news and sports to pay attention to the details of these healthcare policies that could make enoromous improvements on the well-being of our wallets and bodies. 


my dog is too cute.

I was thinking about writing something about politics, art or religion, but then I saw my little fat-man jump up next to his food bag, which is about the same size as him when he’s on his hind legs, and couldn’t concentrate on anything else but his incredible adorableness.  This morning he met this baby bird that my friend rescued, and it was quite demonstrative of his fierce animal instinct.  He sniffed the tree where baby bird sat yesterday; he sniffed the box where baby bird sleeps; he sniffed the porch where baby bird hops–all while my buddy and I were poking baby bird in his nose, attempting to introduce him.  But Loki would have none of this new friend until he figured out what this fuzzy thing was.  After a few more minutes of vigourous sniffing, Loki got this look in his eyes, like, “A-ha!” He then turned towards Baby Bird, opens his little mouth and clumsily pounces, as Baby Bird flutters away.  While the bird sits on the stump, and chatters angrily at us, Loki sits and begs, like, “oh, come on!  I really really really think you’d be tasty!  Just fall into my mouth, okay?  Please? Please???” Lord knows what he would eat in the wild. Even if science diet grew on trees, I don’t think he would figure out how to chew it if it weren’t properly placed in his bowl. 


This weekend we went to Austin, TX and saw beautiful wild flowers all the way through the hill country.  There were century cactus next to one ranch on the way down; these cactus only bloom once every 100 years (hence the name), and then they die.  They look like a plant straight out of Beetleguese, with grayish-green waxy, wavy limbs.  When they bloom, stalks that grow up to ten stories high sprout from the center of the plant.  Yellow pom poms protrude from the tip of the stalk.  It’s pretty and phalic.

We ate badass Mexican food on Congress, and there was a Pecan festival on 6th street, with disappointingly few pecans and pipes.  There were, however, plenty of Betty Page pin ups.  I think Austin has a little crush…


Today I saw one of the most beautiful dances in the world.  Two King Cobras were fighting each other for territory.  Instead of killing off challengers, the males wrestle.  Whoever’s head hits the ground first is the loser. I wish I could find a clip on youtube to post, but there isn’t one available. There is also not even one of the king cobra swimming, which might be the second coolest thing this snake does.  How lame.