More awesome plant-style furniture


designer chul an kwak showed off some sweet furniture designs at seoul design week 2007. he says they’re inspired by horses, but i still say they’re plant-style.

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baby orangutans helping baby tigers

awww.. now if that’s not the cutest thing this side of albuquerque, well then i don’t know what is.


“A pair of Sumatran tiger cubs and a set of young orang-utans, all abandoned at birth, have become inseparable after sharing a room at an Indonesian zoo.” …and… “The four have lived side-by-side for a month without a single act of hostility,” said zookeeper Sri Suwarni.

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watch this chinese painting come ALIVE!

i love it when computers are used to make something beautiful even more beautiful. i especially love it when the effects of the computer are completely hidden except for the fact that things like this couldn’t exist anywhere else but in your mind.

check out this video: