amazing speech: neuroanatomist describes her stroke [video]


you have to listen to this amazing speech from this year’s TED (a really cool conference with presentations from the world’s foremost experts on a wide variety of things).

in it, this woman recounts the experience of her stroke, talks about the nature of the brain and nirvana. it is truly awe-inspiring.
seriously. i almost cried. at work.

watch it now:

update: now on youtube:

crazy youtube artist guy [videos]

phil hansen is an artist who has received some internet fame by posting stop-motion videos of himself making his pieces onto youtube…
some of his stuff is just okay, but some of it is really amazing.
in this piece, he had a giant, spinning, circular piece of wood as his canvas, on which he wrote down moments that had changed people’s lives to create a bigger picture:

and in this piece (which i had seen before, but only just now realized was done by the same guy), a pretty cool portrait of jimmi hendrix made out of matches… and then lit on fire:

he was featured as one of yahoo’s “People of the Web,” you can check out their report and interview with him here.

and check out his personal site:
or just browse his youtube videos.