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awesome, long stephen colbert interview


if you’re like me, you can’t wait for stephen colbert to announce his candidacy for lord and savior of both the known and unknown universe.

well he hasn’t done it here, but this interview is thoroughly entertaining.

the interviewer (npr’s terry gross) is one of the best interviewers ever (imho), and even she reveals herself to be a giddy fan of the illustrious mr.colbert. perhaps that’s why he granted an interview where he appeared out of character and answered questions about his family and catholic beliefs? at any rate, i love it.

click here to listen.

dennis kucinich sounds pretty cool.. [video]

apparently this guy has values AND he’s running for president…

this is getting ridiculous, what do we have now, like three decent presidential candidates?

…pretty soon we’re gonna have a working democracy and i’m actually gonna have to feel guilty about not voting.

Hahahahahahaha…Ann Coulter.

Seriously funny shit. I highly recommend also looking up the interview she did with Matt Lauer on YouTube. Bitch is crazy. She used to kinda bother me until I realized that watching her try to explain her paranoia is almost as satisfying as a summer blockbuster in July–just good old fashioned self-indulgent fluff. Pass the popcorn and enjoy.

Read this book!

Paul Wellstone’s “Conscience of a Liberal” has been a really inspiring read.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is becoming peakish by the early primary coverage. It has restored my faith in Americans’ ability to elect decent leaders, and for senators to overcome the enormous amount of money-pressure in DC and pass legislation that benefits everyone. 

On that note, Obama and Hillary have joined Edwards in the rank of the Democratic presidential hopefuls to chat about their plans for a national healthcare policy.  NPR had a blip about their thoughts today; I hope that there will be more coverage with more details as election progresses. It will be a shame if our media assumes that Americans are too distracted by glitzy-news and sports to pay attention to the details of these healthcare policies that could make enoromous improvements on the well-being of our wallets and bodies.