dennis kucinich sounds pretty cool.. [video]

apparently this guy has values AND he’s running for president…

this is getting ridiculous, what do we have now, like three decent presidential candidates?

…pretty soon we’re gonna have a working democracy and i’m actually gonna have to feel guilty about not voting.


3 thoughts on “dennis kucinich sounds pretty cool.. [video]

  1. I think that Kucinich would undoubtedly make the best president in this race. He’s against the Iraq war and has voted against it at any given opportunity, he’s against the patriot act, he’s pro-universal health care. And he will end America’s involvement in NAFTA and WTO. Also he supports the decriminalization of weed.

  2. I think the best canadate for presedent is D. Kucinich. It is about time we elect someone that is not a puppet of special intrest’s!

  3. On the Internet, the number one gathering place for the politically active, Dennis is the leading front runner that everyone is talking about. Dennis Kucinich was the first choice of 87032 people out of 152093 when tested on the issues. Kucinich is the best candidate for the people, the people just need to know who he is. Spread it wide, and get it off the net. If ‘they’ don’t cover it, make sure you do, on and off the net.

    By the people, because the media has their own agenda.

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